Your Pre-Holiday Checklist

8 November 2023

With the school holidays just around the corner, many Queenslanders will be gearing up to set off on what may be their first adventure in quite some time! The recent easing of restrictions means our caravans are getting dusted off in preparation for the holidays and the good times ahead – but are you sure your van is good to go?

We have developed a quick pre-holiday checklist for you to ensure that when you hit the road, you will be doing so safely and comfortably. Before you leave, it is a good idea to run through this list so you have time to address any issues. You don’t want to discover something is wrong when you’re halfway to your destination!

Outside the Caravan

Move the caravan out of storage and give the outside a good wash / clean. Leave enough room to walk around the vehicle and check for any obvious abnormalities such as damage, rust, mould, dirt build up or even insects nests. You don’t want a wasp nest or some other nasty to go unnoticed!

Check the working condition of the following:

  • Handbrake
  • Safety Chains (D Shackles)
  • Coupling
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Breakaway cables
  • Tow bar wiring
  • All plugs, connections between your van & tow vehicle are clean and connecting properly. This includes additional safety devices that have been installed such as ESC (electronic stability control).
  • Check all other plugs or sockets including; power, external TV etc.
  • Condition & pressure of you tyres (including the spare)
  • Wheel nuts
  • Battery
  • Corner stabilisers

Connect to the tow vehicle and check that all your lights are in good working order: indicators, brakes, parking, reverse, side lights and also check the vans number plate).

Take it for a test drive around the block to ensure the brakes are working effectively.

It’s a good idea to flush out the water tanks and check to make sure there’s no mould growing in there.

Inside the Caravan

Give the caravan a good internal clean and spend time ensuring that everything inside the van is in good working order. Ensure that all moving parts are lubricated and operate with ease. Check for any pest infestations and any mould. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to find that the cooktop or lights aren’t working!

Items to check include:

  • 240V and 12V electrics
  • All interior lights and electrical powered appliances
  • Run the air conditioner
  • Gas appliances including cooktop and oven
  • Fridge, including the seal. Check inside is clean and free of mould.
  • Water pumps & drains: hand & 12volt
  • Shower, wash basins & toilet
  • Check window and hatch seals & operation

Once you have checked over your RV, you’re good to go! It’s a really good idea to conduct these checks well in advance of your departure date so you have time to rectify any issues. If your RV needs a service or repair, you can click here to find a list of businesses local to you.

Enjoy your holiday on the road!