One of the real highlights of Longreach is the Qantas Founders Museum, home to some the the world’s most significant aircrafts!

This award winning, world class museum features a large range of interpretive displays, interactive exhibits, and original and replica aircrafts along with an impressive collection of genuine artifacts, which together tell the tale of Qantas Airways.

Since opening in 1996 to commemorate the ethos and to preserve the material heritage of Qantas Airways, the Qantas Founders Museum has expanded to include a Jet Tour, 747 Wing Walk Tour, Restaurant and Flight Simulator Experience.

Not just for aircraft enthusiasts, the museum also provides insight into what it was like living in outback Queensland in the 1920’s and some of the challenges faced by those residents before aviation became a popular method of transport.


The museum runs a 90 minute Jet Tour experience which takes you behind the scenes and shows you the inner workings of the Boeing 747 and 707.  This tour also gives you the chance to view the DC-3 and to see how much air travel has changed over the years. The experienced tour guides will show you features of the planes, explained in layman’s terms, including the Black Box.

As part of this tour you get the chance to explore the 707 which was the first Boeing sold outside of the United States.  This aircraft originally flew as part of the Qantas fleet before being converted to a luxury jet for the rich and famous, including a period where it was the personal jet of a Saudi prince. Now back in Australia this aircraft still retains its luxury interior, including fine timber, crystal and gold plated fittings.

Whether you’ve never flown before or fly all the time for work, it’s a fair bet you’ve never seen a jet up close like this before!


If you have an extra 45 minutes it is definitely worth taking the 747 Wing Walk Tour.  With a maximum of 6 people on the tour you will get the chance to experience features not available to participants of the Jet Tour including a chance to sit in the pilots seat!

This tour concludes with a once in a lifetime opportunity to walk on the wing of the 747, safely strapped into a harness and attached to a static line, where you can enjoy this most unique view of the aircraft – the only place in the world you can do this!


Ever dreamed of flying a plane?  Why not book in for a 30 minute flight simulator experience…

The Qantas Founders Museum is home to the world’s only Bristol Fighter simulator, the aircraft that Qantas founders Paul McGinness and Hudson Fysh flew together during World War One.

After experiencing a plane with over 100 years of history try out the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Jet simulators – see what difference 100 years makes to the world of flying!


The Qantas Founders Museum is open daily (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day).  The hours vary depending on the time of year (with longer hours over winter). While tours operate daily it is work making a booking ahead of time to ensure you do not miss out as numbers are limited.

The award winning McGinness’ Restaurant is open for Breakfast and Lunch daily and is one

of the most popular eateries in Longreach with locals and visitors alike. Enjoy a meal, or even just a coffee and cake while enjoying the views over the Catalina Display and Longreach airport runway.