It is time to claim the $200 rebate

The Queensland Government has finalised the requirements for the $200 rebate to households and $500 rebate to small businesses, and seeks your support and assistance to deliver them to your embedded network customers.

The department has prepared a set of Common Questions with Answers to assist you in responding to customer enquiries about the utility rebates, and to outline the process in more detail.

What do we need to do?

You will need to identify the number of eligible residents in your park in order to claim the one-off credit on their behalf.

To be eligible for the rebate, residents must have an open electricity account with the you (or your billing service provider) on 30 April 2020. This means that they pay you for electricity based on the amount they use (a meter reading).

Step 1: Lodging a claim for rebates with the electricity retailer

Notify your retailer by 25 April 2020 of the number of eligible residences in your embedded network on 30 April 2020, using the Form 511 which has been updated from 2019.

Please note as this form must be submitted prior to 30 April 2020 you should just make your best guest as to the number of eligible residences that you will have on that date.

Electricity retailers operating in Queensland are aware of this process. Some retailers have offered a preferred contact to submit the required forms for payment (refer table below). For others where a specific contact is not listed, please contact your retailer for the appropriate method to submit the required form.

Step 2: Receive the Rebate

The value of the rebate will appear as a bulk credit on the next electricity bill you receive issued after the relevant form is lodged with your retailer. It will NOT be made as a separate payment from your retailer.

Step 3: Credit this amount to your resident’s accounts

Apply the $200 credit that you claimed on behalf of your resident on the bill/invoice you issue to them immediately after receiving the retailer’s credits.

Rebates can be paid to eligible accounts earlier at your discretion.

The rebate should be displayed as a credit on the electricity bill, with the text “Qld Govt Relief Payment” or similar.

Households should receive the full benefit of the rebates (i.e., the rebate is not diminished by any GST calculations on the bill) and a customer’s account is able to go into credit as a result of the application of the rebate.

Failure to pass on the rebate in full to residents is a breach of the your exemption conditions with the Australian Energy Regulator.

If you engage a third party meter reading and billing service you should contact this provider to ensure that this rebate is being claimed and passed on to your residents.

Small businesses or sole traders in your park?

If you have a small business operating in your park (i.e. a cafe) that pays for its electricity based on its meter reading, it may be eligible for the $500 small business rebate. This rebate is only available if the business uses under 100mWh per year.

To claim the credit for these small businesses, or for any sole traders operating out of your park, please follow the same process as above but use form 514.

You can use Form 516 to claim for any additional $300 supplemental relief payment where a $200 payment has been made to a residential customer who later identifies as a sole trader – speak to your retailer for a copy of this form.

Further information on the requirements for providing this supplemental payment are in the Q&As.


Retailer Contacts

List of retailer contacts to lodge Forms 511, 514 and 516 claims for the Queensland Government Utility Relief Payments

Retailer Email address to submit forms 511, 514 and 516
Energy Australia
1st Energy
Click Energy/Amaysin
Origin Energy
Red and Lumo
Simply Energy


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