Daintree Air Service is one of the longest running air charter companies operating in Australia under one management team. They are in Cairns and offer services that reach to Australia wide as destinations. Depending on your preferences and needs, Daintree Air Services will cater to them as best as they can.  

Put your seat in the upright position

If you have a dream plan of a full-on trip around Australia, let DAS hear about it they can make it a reality. Where you’d like to plan a day trip or a trip for a month, they can create any itinerary to suit you.

So many options on the menu

If you’re like most people who have a hard time coming up with ideas for fun and excitement, DAS has an abundance of Tours that are pre-planned and ready to roll if you’re ready to rock. They have 10 tours in place ranging from Honeymoon Packages (5 day away) to Cooktown Day trip.


Scenic Reef Flight

This tour can be considered the tip of the ice berg for all the other tours available, the scenic reef flight is a 30 minutes flight above the Great Barrier Reef. 140km of outer barrier can be viewed, as well as snap shots of Port Douglas and northern beaches of Cairns. Manta rays, green sea turtles, dugongs, sharks and even whales at certain times of the year can be seen clearly from the plane.

Lizard Island Day Tour

Looking to get away to the world’s most secluded beach and spend 6 hours of the most exclusive time, where you can do whatever you like? Then Lizard Island is a place not to be slept on.

Cape York Day Tour

Start the day by hovering over the hidden gems of Cape York that is usually inaccessible by normal vehicles, admiring the spectacular reefs, rainforests and outback. When you land, you will be whisked away on a 4WD trip up to Australia’s northernmost beach, Frangipani Beach. From there a 1km walk will get you to the tip of Cape York, pretty much the edge of Queensland, could start swimming to Papua New Guinea if you wanted too.

Cooktown Day Tour

Filled with rich history, the town of Cook is a place that could be called the place that started it all, plenty of history to be dug up and explored. Cooktown has more to offer than history, the beautiful scenic Endeavor River will be the lunch entertainment with a long cast of 51km in length. If you’d like to learn about the settlement period and the gold rushes, enjoy a relaxing afternoon next to a stunning river, Cooktown is going to be a hoot and a half for you.


Great Barrier Reef Islands (10 Days)

The Islands Tour is a 10 day jammed pack adventure starting from Brisbane and finishing at up at Cairns. This tour will take you to the infamous Fraser Island deemed as the world’s largest sand island; Heron Island, the most comprehensive island for diving, with over two dozen diving spots to choose from; enjoy a fun filled day on the Whitsunday Islands, from a quick swim to bushwalking the choice is yours; quick pitstop at Dunk Island for a quick refresher; next stop to Cairns, spend the day walking around in the cool and natural Daintree Rainforest; Cod Hole dive site at the Lizard Island is a day of diving you won’t want to miss, diving next to gigantic potato cod, clams and white tip reef sharks; then back to Brisbane it is.

There is so much more to do than what was just listed, there’s only so much you can write with 130 words. Pictures paint a thousand words, so enjoy some of the pictures below for a better insight.

Across the Top (13 Days)

ATT is as it sounds a tour around the top part of Australia, From Queensland to North Territory to Western Australia and then bank to North Territory, sounds like a lot of travelling? Of course, that why you need a solid 13 Days set aside for this one.

Good old Cairns will where your adventure will begin, starting off with a trip to the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest, World Heritage are just fancy words for a very special and important place in the world. From there you’ll get to fly over to Lizard Island, world’s most secluded island, there you can either relax on one of the 23 beaches around or engage yourself in some activities that highlight the beauty of the island.

More information:

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