Weight, Towing and Touring Masterclasses

Weight, Towing and Touring Masterclasses

Join Caravanning Queensland’s industry experts for daily masterclasses on a range of topics including weights, driver education, touring with “kids” and the importance of correctly loading your caravan.

About the presenters

Total Towing Setups

Gary has been involved with the caravanning and towing industry for 20+ years and knows all things towing. Total Towing Setups is there to give you the advice and the products you need to help give you the confidence that your tow vehicle and caravan or camper trailer is set up correctly for getting on the road, specializing in Weight Distribution Hitches and Sway Controllers but can help with all your towing products.

So if you want to know more or just get a refresher to make sure you are doing things the right way then we are sure you will get some useful information so come sit in on one of the presentations.

Gary Gardiner from Total Towing Setups,

Getabout / Tow-Ed

The Tow-Ed brand name has been in Australia for 17 years. Jeff as owner of (DGE) has been working with Getabout / Tow-Ed for 10+ years now. Jeff has been providing training within different industries for 30+ years and the last 10+ has seen his pet love working with trailers now full time. Jeff owns many types of trailers including 5th rig himself, so his back ground has been spread. His relationship with CTIAQ and other industry personal just brings more knowledge and experience to the driver training as well the legal requirement to always undergo personal development as a Cert IV trainer.

The Feel Good Family

In 2019 Paul and Katie threw in their careers, sold everything they owned, and although they had never even camped in a tent, decided they were going to live full time in a caravan travelling Australia.

Fast forward 4 years and now with their 6 year old son Jasper, The Feel Good Family as they’re known, have gone passed the tag of ‘influencer’ and are now considered authorities within the caravan and camping industry. As a full time travelling family their jobs are now content creators and storytellers, sharing their travel adventures and everything you need to know about living an RV lifestyle, with an inspiring outcome that gives other every day Aussies a push toward taking their own leap of faith.

Their current content creation includes a weekly YouTube episode (Sunday’s 3pm), weekly free to air prime time TV show (Channel 31 Melbourne, Channel 44 Adelaide), and a weekly Podcast (Friday’s 8pm).

Having lived the past year completely off the grid, Katie and Paul will be sharing their experiences, tips, hacks and recommendations for living an unplugged adventurous lifestyle.

More information about The Feel Good Family: https://thefeelgoodfamily.com/

4 Boys and a Caravan

We are a young adventurous full-time travel family of 6, Tom, Aimee and our four boys, Tyler 14, Lincoln 11, Jett 10 and Chase 7. We set off on an adventure of a life-time in Jan 2018 wanting to show our boys this amazing country we call home. Making life long memories and spending quality time together as a family. We’re avid snorkeler’s, you will find us outdoors, exploring new places and always trying new experiences. We share our love for travel and adventure in the hope of inspiring more families to get out and explore. 

We will be discussing topics such as, homeschooling, travelling with a dog, how we afford to keep travelling and some other highlights of exploring Australia. 

More information about 4 Boys and a Caravan: https://4boysandacaravan.com/


Topic    PresentersTimes
Weight and Towing MasterclassesJeff Palmer and Gary Gardiner10:00am & 2:30pm Daily
Loading Effects on the CaravanJeff Palmer and Gary Gardiner12:30pm Daily
Off The Grid Around AustraliaThe Feel-Good Family12 Noon – Tue, Thurs, Sat
2:00pm – Wed, Fri, Sun
Travelling Australia Fulltime with Kids4 Boys and a Caravan12 Noon – Wed, Fri, Sun
2:00pm – Tues, Thurs, Sat

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