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Caravan Towing Tuition

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Caravanning is our Passion

With many years automotive industry and caravanning experience, we are ideally placed to develop and deliver caravan towing training products and weight study services. We offer courses that are individually tailored to the specific practical needs of our clients.

We recognise that long winded, structured, nationally accredited (certificate), group courses are not for everyone.
Our courses are cost and time effective running seven days a week across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, and Ipswich. Our one to one delivery courses allow for a dedicated instructor to cater for up to two participants in one vehicle.

While there is a theory element to all our courses, we focus on giving you the techniques and confidence you need to develop and refine your practical skills. We understand that most clients simply want to know that they are doing all they can to avoid the common pitfalls and be safer while towing.

To that end, knowing your caravan and tow vehicle are weight compliant is critical to safety and peace of mind. A weight study allows you to manage legal and insurance issues that come with your rig being over specified weight limits.
Courses can be bundled with our caravan and tow vehicle weighing service. We analyse the results and provide you with a comprehensive three-page written report on the findings and our recommendations.

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