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Whether you’re suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain, sore muscles and joints, swollen extremities, or acid reflux.

The Better Living Adjustable Bed provides infinite positions to alleviate specific pressure where needed, and cradle you in blissful support to ease tension and relieve pain throughout your whole body.

  1. Decreased lower back pain. By resting in the Zero Gravity position you can relieve the stress on your body by evenly distributing your weight. This is great for any lower back pain you may have.
  2. Reduced Snoring. By raising your head slightly, your airways are opened, reducing snoring. This allows you and your partner to rest in a much deeper and uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.
  1. Relieving Sore Muscles and Joints. By elevating your lower body you will alleviate pressure and find comfort for all those aches and pains. The Better Living Adjustable Bed even lets you save your own personalised adjustments so that your body can achieve the maximum possible relief.
  2. Reduce Foot Swelling. With just a slight elevation in the lower body, you will help promote blood circulation, which can help with reducing swelling in your feet and legs. Alleviating Acid Re-flux. When your upper body is tilted up, even slightly, uncomfortable stomach acid can be kept at bay.