218-224 Petrie Creek Road, ROSEMOUNT 4560
Phone:07 5476 0777
Email: sales@travelander.com.au
Website: www.travelander.com.au

Darren and Julia Hoger, native Queenslanders and outdoor enthusiasts, launched Travelander back in 2001 from a farm shed with a dirt floor on the Sunshine Coast. Darren’s background in auto body engineering combined with Julia’s advertising experience was a match made in heaven. They’ve gone from building four campers a year to over 130, and from two staff to over fifteen, with a nationwide network of dealers.

The idea of Travelander was created from Darren & Julia’s personal love of family outdoor living and adventure. With the experience of outdoor camping behind them, they have the added knowledge to help create comfortable and practical camper trailers and slide-on tray back campers. They have crossed many roads, travelled through deserts and viewed the true beauty of Australia in its raw and uninhabited state.

So if you want to see parts of Australia untouched by civilisation, and have the safety and comfort of your own bed, then you need a camper that will truly feel like home. You need a Travelander!