29 Pradella Street, DARRA 4076
Phone:07 3375 9090
Email: charlotte@styromax.com.au
Website: www.styromax.com.au

StyroMAX was formed in 1998 and is part of a group of companies that focus on manufacturing for the transport industry and have done so for well over thirty years.

Located at Darra in Brisbane, we are a specialist designer and manufacturer of fibreglass composite insulated panels. Our capabilities extend across a wide range of applications for the RV and transport industries such as mobile homes, caravans, trailers and truck bodies. We also manufacture panels for the boating, building and construction industries to just about any job that requires an insulated composite panel.

Depending on your application, an existing product solution may be available as a “standard item” in our range, alternatively, a dedicated design manufactured to individual customer requirements is also possible taking into account, the weight, strength, durability, thermal properties and the economy of construction.

We aim to offer you the best solution possible for your panel needs along with the best quality and competitive price.