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Enjoy your trip without worrying about the weight you are carrying.

RV Rig, Boat, Trailer & Work Ute Weight Checks

We come to you – Don’t get stressed out at your local weigh bridge, unattaching trailers and moving vehicles. GVM Check can weight your car and trailer attached and unattached in one smooth easy process.

GVM Check is here to give you piece of mind. GVM check can use your vehicles & trailer, caravan or 5th wheeler’s specifications to compare it against the actual loaded weights using accurate portable vehicle scales. Not staying within the manufacturer’s specifications can affect your insurance, warranty and safety.

GVM Check compares your tow vehicle, caravan, trailer or 5th wheeler manufacturer’s specifications against the actual weights on each wheel. We do this by accurately weighing the vehicle’s front and rear axles connected and disconnect from the towed load. We also weigh the towed load’s axles connected and disconnected from the tow vehicle.