9 Indy Court, CARRARA 4216
Phone:07 5594 9144
Email: reception@eagleoutdoors.com.au
Website: www.eagleoutdoors.com.au

Eagle Outdoors is a manufacturing company specialising in premium camper trailers, outer wear garments and other camping gear, with experience in camper trailers as well as raincoats, outdoor clothing, safety jackets & protective clothing, hats, and camping accessories including swags, travel bags and roof top tents.  Emu Camper Trailers, Bluewater Camper Trailers & Ultimate Camper Trailers

Eagle Outdoors was started by Barry Rodgers in 1978 and his son David took over in 1995 although Barry is still an integral part of the business and a great support and encouragement to David and Bronwyn. Lifelong friends, Josh and Rebecca Heylen, are also highly valued business partners. Additionally, we have many other long serving and dedicated staff who we are extremely grateful for.