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Towing Master Class Arena

Caravanning Queensland’s popular Master Classes are back and will again be a popular addition to this year’s Expo.

The boys from Talking Towing – Jeff Palmer (Tow-Ed), Gary Gardiner (Total Towing Setups) and Dave Lewis (Weightcheck) are ready to arm you with vital information and tips to ensure you hit the road on your next caravan adventure safely and with confidence.

Brand new to this year’s expo is the “Off Road Customer Drive Experience”…stay tuned for more information on this exciting new feature!

About the presenters


“Dave Lewis owns and operates Weightcheck Brisbane, a mobile weighbridge service specifically designed to check the weight compliance of caravans and tow vehicles. Weightcheck also provide weight compliance reports for all kinds of trailers, boats, 4wd’s, motorhomes, and camper trailers, as well as Weight Certificates for registration purposes. Dave’s vast technical experience in weighing procedures and weight compliance, provide a valuable insight into the many problems experienced by caravan owners in keeping their rigs compliant”.

Total Towing Setups

Gary has been involved with the caravanning and towing industry for 20+ years and knows all things towing. Total Towing Setups is there to give you the advice and the products you need to help give you the confidence that your tow vehicle and caravan or camper trailer is set up correctly for getting on the road, specializing in Weight Distribution Hitches and Sway Controllers but can help with all your towing products.

So if you want to know more or just get a refresher to make sure you are doing things the right way then we are sure you will get some useful information so come sit in on one of the presentations.

Gary Gardiner from Total Towing Setups,

Getabout / Tow-Ed

The Tow-Ed brand name has been in Australia for 17 years. Jeff as owner of (DGE) has been working with Getabout / Tow-Ed for 10+ years now. Jeff has been providing training within different industries for 30+ years and the last 10+ has seen his pet love working with trailers now full time. Jeff owns many types of trailers including 5th rig himself, so his back ground has been spread. His relationship with CTIAQ and other industry personal just brings more knowledge and experience to the driver training as well the legal requirement to always undergo personal development as a Cert IV trainer.

Daily Master Class Schedule

10.00am:  Back to Basics

Jeff Palmer from Getabout / Tow-Ed, will be presenting on why we need to focus on the “simple things” whilst driving and especially towing.  The simple things are quite often the most important, particularly when it comes to road safety and staying on the road.

10.30am:  Know Your Weights

In this interactive session Dave Lewis covers all aspects of Caravan and Vehicle weight compliance. Watch as a caravan is weighed, demonstrating how loading it correctly or incorrectly affects the stability and overall safety of the entire rig.

11.00am:  Set up to Tow

In this session Gary Gardiner discusses the importance of ensuring your towing equipment set up correctly.  Gary examines tow ball weight and the impact this weight has on the axle loads of the tow vehicle, and the advantages of a correctly set up Weight Distribution Hitch. 

12:00noon: Off-Road Customer Drive Experience

If you are new to towing and are unsure what it might be like to pull a trailer off road, why not go for a drive on our “Off-Road Track”.  This simple track has been built to simulate some of the conditions and driving surfaces you may encounter while out touring off-road.  Two different off-road combinations will be available to ride in around the track and visitors are encouraged to ask the drivers any questions relating to different off-road driving techniques.

2.00pm: Towing Master Class

Dave, Gary and Jeff will cover as many different towing topics as possible in this highly informative 1.5-hour session.  The audience is encouraged to ask the guys any towing, driving or weight related question you may have either during or after the session.

Topics being cover will include although are not restricted to; Compliance, Combination and most important, Road Safety.