Australia’s Dinosaur Trail invites you to travel back one million years ago to where prehistoric creatures and marine reptiles wondered the barren lands of Queensland. If you want you the entire full immersion experience then a full 9-day adventure will get you there, 3 location 3 days each.


Be sure to stop by the Winston Information Centre before you venture any further, there you will be able to collect your self-drive and experience Winton brochures which will aid you in your rigorous journey ahead. For more information Click Here.

Make your way towards the Corfield and Fitzmaurice’s general store that is currently heritage listed by the National Trust, with their doors closed to the town in 1987.  Now opened back up for the public, with a mini diorama of the Dinosaur Stampede and a mini museum created by the Australian Age of Dinosaurs that prepares you for the attractions ahead. For more information Click Here.

Ever wanted to see the world’s only known evidence of a dinosaur stampede, then look no further than the Dinosaur Stampede National Monument. Around 110km south- west of Winton, located at Lake Quarry Conservation Park. For more information Click Here.

The acclaimed Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum is home to the world’s biggest collection of Australia’s largest dinosaur fossils, additionally life-sized bronze dinosaurs are dwelling in the Dinosaur Canyon waiting for you arrival. A more immersive hands-on experience is available for those Dinosaur fans, these include the Dig-A-Dino and Prep-A-Dino Experience, for more info please follow the links below.

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To ensure you’re not stumbling around like a blind bat, make sure to visit the Flinders Discovery Centre to gather all the maps and information to make this journey run smoothly. On your way out be sure to exchange pleasantries with ‘Hughie’ the resident Muttaburrasaurus, as well as the amazing fossil museum and the Porcupine Gorge Light and Sound Show.

With the title of ‘Australia’s Little Grand Canyon’, Porcupine Gorge National Park harbours crystal clear flowing creeks, rustic sandstone cliffs towering high up and emerald vegetation that despite being dense offers a sense of outdoor freedom. 2 access points offers 2 different viewing experiences, the lookout overlooking the canyon from above and the National Park campsite the down to earth view.

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Looking for a relaxing stroll along a diverse bio region pathway for 1.5km that captures many species of flora as well as inspirational local art, then Eco Walk on Flinders is the destination for you. The area is perfect for picnic and park activities with facilities at the ready.


The versatile White Mountain National Park is home to 14 different regional ecosystems over the course of the seasons, spreading its range to a whooping 108,000 ha. It also offers a challenging bushwalk for the experienced, but the rewards of beautiful vibrant fauna are sure to make the effort worth it during winter and early spring.

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Need to take the missus to an emergency romantic experience because you don’t know what you did wrong, then luckily Mount Walker is just around the corner from you in Hughenden. With 6 outstanding lookouts that gives you the full 360 panoramic scenic view, that just a little under 500m above sea level, give the most perfect sunset experience outback Queensland can offer.

Looking for a low-key day just at the parks with a bit of history, come by the Robert Gray Memorial Park by the Flinders River. This park showcase’s the history from pioneers of the districts in the form of plaques scattered throughout on the rocks, which also allows for a relaxing walk along the longest river in Queensland approximately 1004 km.

Make a quick pitstop by the Federation Rotunda, where two 6.1m long windmills greet you up close and personal. This pitstop is perfect for a quick break, where you can relax under a curved tin roof supported by the windmills and exquisite local art that tells its own story.

The Historic Coolabah Tree is a symbol of the nation’s pioneering spirit, that dates back to the tragic expedition in 1860 leading to the demise of Burke and Wills. This tree has incredible historical significance, it was torched in both relief expeditions for both men and still stand strong today, representation of the strong will and the fertility of the lands.

Want to stand side by side to a life size dinosaur and take wacky photos, ‘Mutt’ the replica Muttaburrasaurus is going to become your best friend for the next 20- 30 minutes while you pose. This replica is made from fiberglass and is located in the middle of Stansfield Street, so why not pay ‘Mutt’ a visit, since you have already given ‘Hughie’ some love already.


Ever wanted to hunt and dig up some fossils, then Kronosaurus Korner should be your first stop here in Richmond. Many fossils are just waiting to be dug up at these sites, the next rock you uncover may just be a marine fossil and could change the world of palaeontology. If you’re looking for a change of pace, why not visit the Australia’s premier marine fossil museum that houses some of the rarest marine fossils.

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Ever thought about where people go when they said, ‘gone fishing’, Lake Fred Tritton is the place that you’ll be gone fishing. This lake is home to 18 species of fish, perfect puddle of water for you to dip your rod in for a fresh fishy dinner. BBQ and picnic friendly, also a romantic walk on the concrete path is not a bad idea.

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Take a moment to discover the rich story that Richmond hold from the last 150 years at the Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre, that was built using local flagstone rock. This centre is a replica of the original Cambridge Downs Homestead that was built in the late 1860’s, the purpose of the new centre is to help preserve the historical and cultural background of Richmond.


Feeling a little peckish and want to learn more about the indigenous culture, then head on over to the Bush Tucker Garden where native plants bloom their pride. The garden itself was built using Gidgee stones and Moonrocks that were extracted from local properties to embody the regions landscape and prehistoric past. Many birds visit the garden for their daily nourishments, which makes it a great birdwatching destination for those who wish to snap a few photos.  

Cambridge Ruin is an extension of the Cambridge Downs homestead, this ruin has remained untouched since the 1860’s, the history that is link can still be seen through the original craftsmanship. The remanence of this site used to be the Aussie version of an Englishman’s castle, with military capabilities such as impenetrable defences from Aboriginal attacks. 

Lest we forget, doesn’t have to be ANZAC day for us to remember the sacrifices that were made for us, Richmond War Memorial is the burial for 3 ANZAC soldiers that fought in the battle of Somme, France in the First World War.  Symbolic stylisation of the memorial has been constructed in respect for the soldiers as well as the ever-present Rolls of Honours that remembers the individuals from the Richmond region that fought bravely.

Lest we forget, doesn’t have to be ANZAC day for us to remember the sacrifices that were made for us, Richmond War Memorial is the burial for 3 ANZAC soldiers that fought in the battle of Somme, France in the First World War.  Symbolic stylisation of the memorial has been constructed in respect for the soldiers as well as the ever-present Rolls of Honours that remembers the individuals from the Richmond region that fought bravely.


Australia’s Dinosaur Trail pass offer 4 Attractions over the 3 locations:

Location Attraction
  • Australian Age of Dinosaurs
    • Laboratory
    • Collection Room
    • Dinosaur Canyon
  • Dinosaur Stampede National Monument (Lake Quarry Conservation)
  • Kronosaurus Korner
  • Flinders Discovery Centre
Type of Passes Prices
Adult $95
Concession $85
Child (5 – 16yrs) $50
Family (2 Adults, Up to 4 Child) $215

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