Acclaimed as the world’s longest and oldest lava tubes, Undara Lava Tubes lie in the northern parts of tropical Queensland. These tubes have withstood the test of time and is currently preserved to retain the history of being formed over 190,000 years ago. The Undara Experience offers the whole package from accommodation to a hands-on tour into the 160km long lava tubes. The Undara Volcanic National Park


Ever wanted to explore caverns like good old archaeologist Indiana Jones, but instead to discovering crystal skull or holy grails, you get to discover the true geological beauty and secluded hidden nature. The Undara Experience offers you the opportunity to explore these tubes, having a tour guide is a must, since they can help point small details and unknown facts to make the experience more rewarding. Also you can experience a ‘dip’ of a lifetime, strip down to your boxers and enjoy a refreshing swim in the tube’s very own pool.


They offer 2 types of guided tour, the archway tour; an introductory and beginner level tour, for those that rather keep their shirts and pants sweat free. This tour follows the lava tubes on boardwalks that makes travelling much smoother and comfy, as well as complementary handrails that provide extra support if you happen to accidently get scared by a giant boulder roller towards you.    


Active Tour guide demands a little more physical ability from, as the exploration is going to go off path. This is to provide a more authentic experience, where man made infrastructure hasn’t completely diluted the overall experience.


After a day of exploring, sit down and relax while you are treated to the glistening view of the sun slowly setting down into the far horizon, creating the phenomenal creamy orange view below the soothing lavender clear sky as the moon begins to rise towards you. Paired with a glass of sparking wine and a platter of assorted cheese, what more can you ask for, except someone to share this experience with.

At night have a stroll down to the tubes to experience the pleasure of when 100’s of microbats flies towards you to greet you with welcoming nibbles, or watch them as they get nibbled on by their housemates, pythons and brown tree snakes.


Whether you’re looking for an outback musical experience or a theatre performance, Undara has you covered as well, featuring both Outback Rock & Blues and Opera in the Outback performances. Both these events occur once a year, so check Undara’s website to ensure your visiting at the right time to catch their acts.

More information:

Phone:  +61 7 4097 1900


Address: Undara Experience, Undara Volcanic National Park, Savannah Way, Queensland 4871