According to Jacques Cousteau ‘the best way to see a fish, is to become a fish’ and at Caravanning Queensland we agree!

There is no doubt that Queensland is blessed with some of the world’s top diving sites, both natural and man-made.  Need we say more than the Great Barrier Reef?

But if that isn’t enough, Queensland is about to up the diving stakes yet again with the opening of the new world-class dive site at the ex-HMAS Tobruk wreck in Hervey Bay on Monday 25 February 2019.

Launched in 1980 and decommissioned in 2015, ex-HMAS Tobruk was designed as a flexible roll on/roll off heavy lift transport ship that could load or unload troops and their vehicles directly by beaching.

Diving on ex-HMAS Tobruk. Picture: Geoff Potter.

Ex-HMAS Tobruk was scuttled in the protective waters near World Heritage listed Fraser Island.  An additional 10 holes have been cut to allow more natural light and improve accessibility.  The wreck can be viewed by tour and is safe enough for beginners through to advanced divers.

Before booking, please contact your preferred diving tour operator to check availability, weather conditions and the relevant qualifications needed before attempting to dive.

Diving tours begin from 25 February 2019.  Tours can be booked online with several dive operators in the region right now.

Hervey Bay region offers many spectacular attractions and is a must-do on any Queensland touring holiday.

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