What makes the perfect Australian road trip? Is it the fishing, bushwalking, nature and wildlife? Or the pristine beaches, cascading natural gorges and great local produce?

Whatever your scene, The Mackay region will welcome you with open arms to experience it all.

Things to do

  • Hooked on Mackay Fishing Competition

    Mackay’s new fishing competition will get you hooked, then the city will reel you in for a great relaxing holiday you can’t beat.

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  • The Whales are Back!

    Every year more than 22,000 whales sail past the Queensland Coast on the longest migration on the planet! This is a once (or more) in a lifetime experience you simply have to see for yourself.

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  • Sunrise with Wallabies at Cape Hillsborough

    If you’re looking for a sea change in a secluded national park where you can get up-close-and-personal with some of Australia’s cutest wildlife, then look no further than Cape Hillsborough Tourist Park.

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  • Stay Bio-Alert on Your Next Trip

    Biosecurity is not just an international threat, it’s a domestic problem too.  Pests, diseases and weeds can travel with you as you visit other regions and wreak havoc on our environment.

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  • Your opportunity to view the Coral Spawning

    If you’re travelling along Queensland’s beautiful coastline during October, November or December, you can witness a spectacular natural phenomenon that only occurs at this time of year – Coral Reef Spawning.

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  • Go fishing

    On the land, in the river or from a jetty, the Mackay Region offers some of the best fishing along the east coast of Australia.

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Places to stay

Cape Palmerston Holiday Park

989 Greenhill Rd, Ilbilbie

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Koumala Caravan Park

2-4 Mumby St, Koumala

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Armstrong Beach Caravan Park

60-66 Melba St, Armstrong Beach

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