Welcome to the Cape, an untamed frontier region dotted with rugged national parks, pristine waterways and secluded beaches.

Every day is an adventure in Cape York, one of Australia’s last true wilderness areas. Go camping, fishing, four-wheel driving, walk along the beach and discover the incredible Aboriginal and early European history. Cape York is somewhere that everyone must visit once in their lifetime.

The drive of a lifetime

Paved roads are a rarity in this region which adds a sense of adventure to the 1200km 4WD adventure from Cairns to Cape York which will take about seven days to drive, visiting Cooktown, the Lockhart River, remote campsites and vast cattle stations.

Planning your trip to the cape

  • Plan your trip for some time between May and October in the dry season. During the wet season, rivers become impassable and dangerous.
  • Carry two spare tyres, fuel and water
  • Make sure you have a bull bar, two recovery points and a snorkel if you plan to get off the beaten track.
  • Be croc-wise — don’t linger near river edges, salt-water crocs will venture into freshwater rivers and creeks too, so don’t assume you’re safe.
  • Don’t rely on your mobile phone, they won’t work in most of Cape York. Use either a UHF or HF Radio.

Cradle of culture

A fascinating mix of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and the local communities have rich traditions dating back tens of thousands of years. Cape York is also the birthplace of the incredible Laura Dance Festival.

From Punsand Bay, there are spectacular views out over the Torres Strait Islands. You can watch the sun rise from the Coral Sea and set over the Arafura. Snorkel on some of the most isolated reefs in the country in the far northern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. Cape York is also a bucket-list destination for anyone serious about fishing.

Things to do

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