The Bundaberg North Burnett region gives you a great taste of Queensland’s relaxed lifestyle. Just a few hours drive from Brisbane, Bundaberg is the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, with coral reef fringing rocky shorelines and our lovely ladies of the reef, Lady Elliot and Lady Musgrave Islands only a hop, skip and jump away. Take a 25 minute scenic flight to Lady Elliot Island (and spend the night if you wish in their award-winning eco-resort). Or a day cruise may suit you better with a trip to explore Lady Musgrave Island aboard the Lady Musgrave Experience, departing from the Bundaberg Port Marina. Immerse yourself in the Great Barrier Reef snorkelling, glass bottom boat coral viewing, scuba diving or an island walk.

On the coast of Bundaberg is Mon Repos, the largest loggerhead turtle rookery in the South Pacific, with turtles returning to the beach they hatched on to lay their eggs and then tiny hatchlings emerging some 6 – 8 weeks later to make their way to the sea. National Park Rangers conduct guided evening turtle encounter tours throughout turtle season, from November to March, so you can witness this miracle for yourself. Book early though to avoid disappointment for this bucket list experience.

One of the region’s greatest assets is our produce and there’s a good reason why we are known as one of Australia’s superior ‘food bowls’. Whether you’re buying direct from the farmer at a farm-gate stall, fresh off the trawler or eating out at one of our great restaurants or cafes, there’s plenty on offer to tantalise your taste buds. Plentiful, fresh food abounds from the rich red soil producing crops from A – Z (avocadoes to zucchinis) and everything in between, growing abundantly in the region’s rich red soil all year round.

Things to do

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  • The Whales are Back!

    Every year more than 22,000 whales sail past the Queensland Coast on the longest migration on the planet! This is a once (or more) in a lifetime experience you simply have to see for yourself.

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  • Stay Bio-Alert on Your Next Trip

    Biosecurity is not just an international threat, it’s a domestic problem too.  Pests, diseases and weeds can travel with you as you visit other regions and wreak havoc on our environment.

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  • 2018 Golden Barra Fishing Competition

    If you’re a keen angler and you love a good fishing competition, then the 2018 Golden Barra Competition may be just what you’re looking for this summer.

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  • Your opportunity to view the Coral Spawning

    If you’re travelling along Queensland’s beautiful coastline during October, November or December, you can witness a spectacular natural phenomenon that only occurs at this time of year – Coral Reef Spawning.

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  • Explore North Burnett

    A scenic drive inland from Bundaberg and you’ll find yourself in the North Burnett, boasting a myriad of landscapes to explore from rugged gorges, imposing mountain ranges, serene rural views and the mighty Burnett River.

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