Caravanning Code of Ethics

Familiarise yourself with the Caravanning Code of Ethics before you hit the road!

Consider others at all times

Observe the rules of caravan park, recreational areas, National park and forestry areas.

Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards road safety.

Exercise extreme caution with fire:-
• Light campfires only in designated areas; never leave unattended; extinguish thoroughly.
• Ensure cigarettes and matches are thoroughly extinguished.
• Keep fire away from LP gas bottles.
• Extinguish pilot light flames when refuelling and travelling.

Offer help and the hand of friendship whenever possible because:-

Friendliness is catching.

Ensure permission is obtained to park on private property when other facilities are not available.

Travel with care:-
• Pull off the road periodically to allow other cars to pass.
• Drive in the left hand lane except when passing and allow extra room when overtaking.
• Be familiar with all traffic regulations, particularly those relating to recreational vehicles.
· When travelling in convoy, leave enough room for other vehicles to pass one van at a time.
• Check rear vision mirrors frequently.
• Keep within the legal towing speed limit.

Have fun when entertaining, but remember others nearby may be having an early night.

Instill good caravanning habits in younger family members.

Care for the environment:-
• Protect trees, shrubs and other natural beauty.
• Take litter home when no receptacles are available.
• Dispose of sewage and waste water in designated places only.
• Leave sites as clean or cleaner than they were found.
• Keep pets under control.

See that car and caravan are safe:-
• Ensure correct weight distribution of tow vehicle/caravan at all times.
• Regularly maintain tow vehicle and caravan.
• Use suitable rear vision mirrors and towing aids.