Caravanning Clubs of Queensland

Enjoy your van all year round by using it once a month at a club rally instead of once a year for your holidays.

You will also meet friends to travel with and enjoy our beautiful country with others who have a common interest.

What is a Caravan Club?

A Caravan Club is a group of like-minded people, including family groups with children, who meet once a month at a pre-determined venue which can range from Caravan Parks, Showgrounds, Sportsgrounds, Scout Camps or National Parks. Rallies are a social affair where members meet to enjoy each other’s company.

Why join a Caravan Club?

A caravan is a significant investment for you. Why let it sit in the back yard and only use it once a year for the annual holiday? Join a caravan club, and not only will you get more use out of your van, you will also get to meet and make new friends. Those new to caravanning will be able to draw on a wealth of knowledge from more experienced caravanners, whilst enjoying new people and new places.

What will it cost?

Clubs charge a one-off joining fee and an annual membership fee which covers the cost of a monthly newsletter and club running costs. Of course, there is also the camping fee cost charged by the venue at which the rally is held each month.

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How to join a club?

Below you will find a link to a list of affiliated clubs. Those clubs that have vacancies or unlimited membership are marked with an asterisk. Also listed are clubs that are not from the Brisbane region. Clubs have no boundaries and welcome members from all over. The choice is yours. Just contact one of the Club Secretaries and receive an invitation to join a rally. Most clubs give the option of attending two rallies as a visitor, then becoming a member on the third visit. If the club you first contact has reached its limit and has no vacancies, don’t be disappointed, try another one or contact the CCQ Secretary:

Barbara Rutherford
Phone: 3263 7340
Mobile: 0409 480 390

Find out more on their website: Caravan Clubs of Queensland Inc