Gary Gardiner from Hayman Reese will be conducting daily demonstrations on understanding your Vehicle, Caravan and Combined Towing Weights.  Gary will also be providing information, advice and live “hands on” demonstrations on how a Weight Distribution Hitch works, the importance of using it and how to set it up correctly. 

About Gary Gardiner

Hayman Reese Technical Towing Expert, Gary Gardiner has been involved in the industry for over 18 years and his extensive experience and expert knowledge with towing and towing related systems will help your towing experience be more safer and enjoyable.

Join Roger Vickery from Creek to Coast, as he arms you with essential information on towing and trip preparation.  Roger will also be providing tips on reversing techniques and how to tow safely in all conditions and environments.    

Roger Vickery knows everything about 4wds and 4wding and what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!


Roger & Gary will be available to answer any specific questions you have concerning towing, weights and caravanning in general.