Why Purchase a Recreation Vehicle?

Freedom, Flexibility and Fun – That’s why!

To get a break from the daily routine – To be with family and friends – To rest – To relax – To see new places and meet new friends.

There are no flights to catch – No security hassles – No long lines or lost luggage – No carrying heavy bags in and out of costly hotel rooms – No expensive unhealthy food.

Caravanning, Its a freedom thing!

When purchasing a caravan, camper trailer, campervan or motorhome, ensure that it carries the RVMAP Accreditation Key!

The Accreditation Key is the symbol of an accredited manufacturers’ commitment to manufacturing products which adhere to all the relevant Australian Design Rules, applicable Australian Standards, in addition to the programs Code of Practice.

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Why own a Recreational Vehicle (RV)?

The RV family is the fastest growing “family in Australia”. RV’s comprise a whole family of vehicles that combine transportation and temporary living quarters for recreation, camping and travel. Owning an RV offers you the freedom and convenience of holidaying where you want, when you want at a very affordable price ….. all this without even missing the comforts of home. An RV is ready to holiday when you are, simply pack a suitcase, put the kids on board and you’re away!

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Experience the Caravanning lifestyle!