Before you buy

Before you buy

you need to ask yourself some basic questions, while you are looking at all the different types and model of RVs and Camping Equipment available on the market today.

Once you have the answers to the following questions, then this information will help your dealer to recommend the right product for you.

Do you plan to use your RV and Camping Equipment all year round?
Will you be making trips in winter, or just use it for summer holidays?

Will you be making long trips?
Do you expect to do a lot of highway driving or will you be off-road in remote locations for such things as fishing etc?

How many beds do you need?
Who will be with you on your trips? Adults or children? Do you need extra sleeping accommodation available once in a while? Do you have anyone with disabilities or special requirements? How much privacy do you need? Do you mind having to make up beds every night in your living area?

How much storage room will you need?
Do you need to pack for long extended periods? How many people do you need to pack for? Consider the amount of food and clothes you will want to take – plus all the toys, games and sports equipment?

Where will you camp most of the time?
Will you be staying mainly at developed caravan parks with utility connections and other facilities or will you head out into the bush in designated campgrounds or campsites in national parks?

How much cooking do you plan to do?
Do you need a large kitchen with appliances, plenty of counter space and food storage areas? How many do you need to seat in the dining area?

What activities will you pursue?
Do you need to take specialised gear or equipment? Will you need carrying racks and extra storage? Will you require the ability to tow a boat, canoes, ATV or an additional vehicle for use on arrival at your destination?

Do you need a good entertainment centre?
Should it be top quality with TV, DVD and stereo? Where do you need speakers – both inside and out?

What is the towing capacity of your vehicle?
Your dealer will help you with this information.

How much do you want to spend on your RV and Camping Equipment?
Are there some special options and accessories that you cannot do without that should be factored into the price? Will you need financing?