Gone are the days when ropes and adventure courses were just team building exercises.  These days, travellers have the opportunity to get outdoors and experience a point of view that was once only reserved for birds – or team-players.

Photo Credit: Sunshine Coast Lifestyle

Situated at The Big Pineapple, the Tree Top Challenge Sunshine Coast Adventure Park straddles 8 acres of lush rainforest, with views and vegetation that rival the Daintree.  The newest addition to the Tree Top Challenge line-up is touted to be Australia’s Highest Adventure Park.

Challenges are self-paced and take around 30-45 mins to complete with completion of the entire park taking between 3-4 hours.  With 100 challenges, 12 flying foxes and ziplines in 5 courses the park offers serious, adrenaline pumping action that guarantees to push you to your limits.

The Adventure begins with 2 Green circuits that can be completed by the whole family.  The 3rd circuit steps things up and challenges you to start facing your fears, while the final 2 Extreme Black Circuits offer the highest and scariest challenges that will push you way past your comfort zone.

Why not take some time out with the whole family and challenge yourself at the Sunshine Coast’s newest Adventure Park with Tree Top Challenge?

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