About us

Caravanning Queensland

We join the peak industry bodies in this state for caravan dealers, manufacturers, camping suppliers, service providers, etc. as well as caravan park operators through two related associations.  These are –

The Caravan Parks Association of Queensland Ltd

The voice of the Caravan Park owners and operators in this State. It was founded in the early 1960’s and membership is made up of Park Operators, large and small, from all corners of the State.

The Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Queensland

The voice of the Caravan, Manufactured Home and Camping Industry in this state. It was founded in 1964 and membership is made up predominantly of retailers, manufacturers, hirers, repairers, suppliers etc. in the caravan, camping and manufactured home industries. On behalf of our members, we are involved in government liaison, promotion, public relations, etc and members are kept informed through regular newsletters & bulletins on all industry matters which may affect them.