For many Australians, Queensland’s Outback is top of their bucket list for their next perfect holiday experience. 

And why wouldn’t it be?  With wide open spaces, lush green rainforests, fiery sunsets followed by vast starry skies, towering sandstone cliffs, rivers and wetlands; dinosaurs and deep winding gorges that tell silent stories from an ancient past – who could resist?

Sitting on top of Big Red. Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

With more than 20 National Parks covering the Queensland Outback, there’s lots to do and see while you’re on the road.  To help you narrow down the list, we’ve found 5 amazing National Parks that we think you simply can’t miss:

Munga-Thirri National Park – Simpson Desert.  View classic red-dirt and sand dune landscapes, visit iconic Poeppels Corner and see the famous Big Red sand dune.

Bladensburg National Park – Winton.  Visit Scrammy Gorge for views of grassy plains, watch out for abundant bird and wildlife, or visit the original 19th Century Bladensburg Homestead.

Carnarvon National Park – Carnarvon Gorge.  Hike the parks many trails to the Amphitheatre or Ward’s Canyon, go four-wheel driving or swimming at Louisa Creek or view Aboriginal rock art and sandstone cliffs.

Paddling through sandstone gorges at Lawn Hill. Photo Credit: Tourism & Events Queensland

Porcupine Gorge National Park – Hughenden.  Visit sandstone gorges and valleys carved out by Porcupine Creek, camp at the Pyramid, swim in deep pools, or hike to the viewpoint overlooking the gorge.

Boodjamulla National Park – Lawn Hill.  An Outback oasis of sandstone cliffs, emerald waters and lush rainforest.  Why not paddle the beautiful waterways, hike the gorge or visit the Australian Fossil Mammals?


For more information on Queensland’s beautiful Outback National Parks, head to Outback Queensland Tourism for all your touring needs.  Don’t miss out on the outback hospitality by heading over to Caravanning Queensland’s Outback Parks page for accommodation information on some of Queensland’s best parks.