‘A party without cake is just a meeting’ ~ Julia Child

Who did you host in 2020?

In a year where tourist guest numbers were far from those in the past, it started to look like this award category might not have the response we hoped for. In reality though, the exact opposite happened!

Word is many of our Park members found opportunities to demonstrate their finely tuned hosting skills and provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for all.

Hosting took many forms this year there were those who were stranded mid trip due to border closures, essential workers, vulnerable residents, and those who needed to quarantine.

The Host with the Most

Our park members are well known for their exceptional hospitality. Guest reviews are full of glowing tales about streamlined registration processes, local knowledge and information, events that bring guests together and the always appreciated assistance parking the big rigs – there’s nothing a Parkie won’t do to make a guest feel at home.

If your park’s team or an individual has provided some of the best home-grown hospitality out there, then we want to hear about it. These are the nominations we look forward to reading – and this year we’re expecting to hear some great stories about your experiences!

DID YOU KNOW: An outstanding host can be an individual within a park, or the whole park team!



The Outstanding Host nomination form can be found on the CPAQ Website and nominating is as easy as 1-2-3:

1 – answer a few questions telling us what your why your park or nominee is an outstanding host and how this has improved your key metrics

2 – submit photos of the park or park logo and/or nominee to awards@caravanqld.com.au

3 – provide some of the great feedback from your guest and customer reviews.

Nominations close 5pm (AEST), 31 March 2021

Check out the 2020 Winner – Jolly Swagman Accommodation Park



Why nominate?

Nominating for an industry award gives you the opportunity to gain recognition for your hard work!

Other benefits include:

  • Working through the nomination process, allowing you to take a critical look at your business
  • Receive the Award which you can display in your reception area
  • Chance to share your experiences with other operators
  • Blog post about your business on the consumer facing Caravan Queensland website
Nominating for these Awards

Nominations should be concise and clearly showcase why your business should receive the award.  Ensure that each question on the nomination form has been addressed.

Nominations can only be submitted on the form provided, however, you can supplement your application with as many attachments as you wish to send.

You may nominate your own business or another industry business you believe deserves recognition

All nominees must be current financial members of Caravan Parks Association of Queensland as at 31 March 2021


Writing a winning submission – the 4i’s


What will catch the judges’ interest? Judges may read a number of entries so think about starting with a clear statement that sets the scene and makes it clear why you are a worthy recipient of the award then expand from there


What makes your story unique? Carefully choose words that can help you articulate this – was it the first, the only, the biggest etc


This is possibly the most important part – make sure you include evidence to back up what you claimed to have achieved. Give actual figures, customer reviews and consider including graphs.  Ensure the judges are truly blown away by your achievements!


A picture is worth a thousand words – consider the careful use of images, charts and diagrams to get your message across


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