We want to hear the absurd and bizarre occurrences that have happened in Queensland parks this year!

We know all parks have WTF! moments every week – this is a chance to share these experiences, have a laugh at other people’s stories and for those who are new to the industry, a chance to realise that you are not alone in the craziness that is operating a caravan park.

All stories will be published anonymously leading in to the presentation of the award and a final winner selected without letting other parks know which story belonged to which finalist, let the rumours begin!


Award Criteria

This award will be presented to the park that has the story that has the CPAQ team and conference delegates saying WTF! the loudest and ROFL!


Your Nomination

Please include the following information in your nomination:

  • Details of the WTF moment – put your creative writing skills to work because the funnier or more out there the story the more likely it is to win.

A nomination form is available for this award however nominations do not need to be on this form as long as the criteria are met.

All nominations should be sent by email to awards@caravanqld.com.au

Nominations close 15 March 2020


Examples of potential nominations
  • Most unusual item stolen from the park
  • Craziest thing said to staff by customers
  • Weirdest item that has ended up in lost property

Can’t remember the best story from the past twelve months?  Why not keep a journal for next year where you can note any crazy moments as they happen.


The prize

The winner of this Award will receive:

  • Bragging Rights
  • A bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Conditions of entry

The nomination must come from a current financial member of Caravan Parks Association of Queensland.

Contractors of current financial members of Caravan Parks Association of Queensland are not eligible.

The WTF! moment must have occurred in the 12 months leading up the Awards Dinner.

Nominations must be received no later than midnight on 15 March 2020.


WTF! Award

CPAQ reserves the right not to present an Award in any of the award categories.