2020 Refurbishment Award

Fisherman’s Beach Holiday Park

Fisherman’s Beach Holiday Park, located on the Capricorn Coast, was getting fabulous feedback from all their guests about their customer service and cleanliness.

Unfortunately this was being over shadowed by the consistent negative feedback about the age and condition of the amenities block, from poor ventilations to a single tap and water pipe (which meant that hot water was pre-mixed outside), hideous only tiles and a building that was literally starting to fall to bits.

It was clear something needed to change…

While many park operators worry about building nice things from fear that their customers will destroy them, the Next Generation Holiday Parks and Fisherman’s Beach Holiday Park team made the decision to invest in a modern, well equipped and environmentally friendly amenities block.

They took the opportunity to add additional showers and toilets to boost capacity and note that despite the bigger building, it turns out it is actually quicker to clean that the old block.

It has also offered savings in terms of electricity, water, gas and harsh chemicals.

And the most important thing… the guests love it!  Guest feedback has been incredibly positive and all of the financial and non-financial indicators of the park have significantly improved since the new amenities block has been installed.

A special mention must go to park managers, Kellie and Andrew, who worked tirelessly on this project to ensure a successful outcome.

In their acceptance speech the park thanked one of our valued Associate Suppliers, Asset Cabins & Homes, who were the building partner on this project.

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Highly Commended

Tin Can Bay Tourist Park

Melanie and Stephen May have completed a major refurbishment in Tin Can Bay Tourist Park in late 2018/early 2019.

Guests have been extremely happy with the results of the refurbishment of the facilities and the addition of disability and family bathrooms.

The camp kitchen has received praise for being completely stocked for everything a camper may need as well as for those who may have forgotten something. Additionally the newly renovated amenities are providing more accessibility to families, people with disabilities, and generally more availability in regards to extra showers and toilets.

It was clear to the judges that this project required a significant investment and they noted that the changes were well thought out, high quality, considered the needs of the guests and that they are a true testament to the quality of this park earning them a Highly Commended in the Refurbishment Award category.

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Location: 54-74 Trevally St, Tin Can Bay Qld 4580

Phone: 07 5486 4411

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Email: enquiries@tincanbaytouristpark.com.au

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