Meet the winner of the 2020 Ray Fitton Award for Innovation Winner

2020 Ray Fitton Award for Innovation

Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut & the Coconut Cart

Do you remember the thrill of saving coins, and anxiously waiting for the familiar sound of the Mr Whippy music.

Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut has taken this concept and made it their own, offering the convenience of food and beverage delivered direct to your site, with theatrical ring of a bell to draw guests young and old out to see what is on offer.

The CoconutCart was introduced in July 2019 to take happy hour out to the resort guests, ultimately enhancing their holiday experience.

Operating hourly between midday and 5pm during school holidays and peak periods, adults and children anxiously wait for the ring of the bell to race out for ice creams or icy cold drinks to quench the tropical thirst.

The CoconutCart is a German-designed electric golf cart with a glass display behind the seat holding a selection of crisps, chocolates, pretzels and lolly cups. The display is surrounded by enclosed ice tubs filled with ice, chilling alcohol and soft drinks.

Hitched to the back of the cart is the kegerator or as the Ingenia Holidays Cairns Coconut team call it, the Chariot filled with icy cold Coconut Ginger Beer available on tap. Ice creams are available from the portable freezer beside the keg.

The CoconutCart is restocked 5-6 times throughout an afternoon run, ensuring they are well stocked for guests.

What is the benefit you ask… an 81% return on investment, over $35,000 of sales in the first nine months and an improved customer satisfaction score based on post departure survey’s.

This is a great example of a park turning the simple purchase of food and beverages into an experience which their guests will remember long after departure.



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