The 2020 CPAQ Awards Presentation saw the announcement that Ron Chapman, would step down from his role as CEO and Company Secretary for Caravan Parks Association of Queensland (CPAQ).

At the end of 2019, Ron expressed his desire to step down from the role of CEO of the Trade Association and this was announced at their awards night in November last year to take effect from the end of 2019. Soon after this, he expressed his desire to step down from the CEO role of CPAQ.

Ron will officially step down as CEO on 30 June 2020

However the Boards of both Associations have asked Ron to continue in a part time role of special advisor to the associations and his first project is the collection and collation of the industry history due to his industry experiences which is unmatched by any other.

General Manager Michelle Weston will assume the leadership role from July 1, 2020.

Ron has made an incredible contribution to CPAQ over the last 25 years and his active involvement in our advocacy activities has seen results which continue to provide benefits to parks today.

About Ron Chapman

Ron Chapman joined the caravan industry in 1966 when he was appointed Public Relations Officer of the Chesney Caravan Group at Stafford in Brisbane.  The began a 54 year association with the industry in a number of roles.

After selling his Caravan Dealership in 1975, Ron was asked by the, then, President of the Caravan Trade & Industries Association of Queensland to take over the role of Secretary to bring some industry knowledge to the role.

In 1976 the, then President of the Caravan Parks Association of Queensland, Peter Corones, asked Ron to attend a CPAQ committee meeting at which he was asked to take over the secretariat of our Association as well.

In 1978 he resigned both secretariats but continued as Director of Public Relations and Promotions for the Trade Association, particularly around caravan shows.

His period as secretary of both industry bodies was the catalyst for bringing the two associations closer together, something that had not previously occurred.  This also resulted in the development of the Caravanning Queensland brand, allowing the associations to work closely together while remaining independent entities.

In the mid 90’s Ron has a meeting with Industry Stalwarts Ray Fitton and Ray Bristow, where they discuss Ron’s return to CPAQ as Company Secretary.

This happened around October with an office being set up in Ron’s home with his wife, Jan, taking an active role in the day to day administration to assist him. The following April, he sold his interest in the Advertising agency has was a Director at and took up running the Parks and Trade Associations on a full time basis.

During the next 25 years or so, Ron has represented both Associations and guided the industry’s growth in this state.

Ron has taken on roles with the National Association, as both Secretariat and as a Board member, and has actively participated in a variety of committee roles across both the caravanning industry in Queensland and nationally and the broader tourism sector in Queensland.

Ron’s active involvement in our advocacy activities has seen results which continue to provide benefits to parks today. Some of these include:

  • the land tax exemption for caravan parks that have at least 50% of their sites available for long term residents
  • The special GST treatment on rent from residents in caravan parks
  • The movable dwelling section in the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act
  • The ‘for holiday purposes’ clause in the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act which ensures that someone staying at your park for holiday purposes is not considered a resident
  • The development of the Queensland Caravan Parks Directory to where it is today

And there are so many other projects he has worked on over the years – the industry is far stronger for his involvement and advocacy on our behalf.

On behalf of the Board, Staff and Members of CPAQ we thank Ron for his incredible service to our industry and our Association.


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