We’re sure we’re not alone when we fondly remember eating cold melon slices on hot Aussie summer’s day.

Whether you’ve had them at a picnic, a party, or your mum told you to go out to the backyard to eat it when you were a child, the humble melon is a part of every Australian’s summer memories.

In recognition of this Aussie Icon, the town of Chinchilla celebrates their love-affair with the melon at the Chinchilla Melon Festival, a 4-day bi-annual festival devoted to all things melon.

In 2019, the festival will be held from February 14-17 and includes events such as the Melon Bungee, Melon Dash for Cash, Melon Skiing, Melon Pip-Spitting, and a Melon Chariot Race you won’t want to miss.

You’ll also have the chance to watch the Celebrity Melon Eating competition and of course, have a cold slice of melon while you’re creating yet another great melon memory.

If you’re on the road or looking for a fun-filled break away from the city, this is event should be at the top of your list of must-do festivals this year.

Head to the Melon Festival website to find out more about the events and activities available this year and the Caravanning Queensland website to find some great accommodation options for you and the family.