10 Reasons Why Everyone is Getting an RV!

13 January 2023

It’s no secret that caravan & camping holidays have been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years, a trend that continued to skyrocket in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. With international travel set to remain non-existent for some time ahead, more and more people have been swapping the plane tickets for their very own RV – and you only need to take a drive up the highway to see the proof!

So why is it that the classic RV holiday has made such a strong comeback? Read on below for 10 reasons why everyone is taking a caravan and camping holiday.

1. Caravan parks provide prime beachfront, riverfront and bushland locations

In regional towns all over Queensland, you’ll find local caravan holiday parks that command the very best location you could possibly want for your holiday. They commonly enjoy beachfront or riverside locations, providing you the absolute best views and access to the natural beauty of the area. Who’d want to be cooped up in a hotel K’s away from all the good stuff an Aussie holiday has to offer?

2. Disconnect with the busyness of everyday life

A camping holiday offers the opportunity to take a step back from the things that keep us so busy at home. Once you are settled into your campsite, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, laundry, dressing up, grocery shopping or anything else that seems to consume our everyday lives. Instead, you can do exactly what you feel like. It’s a complete change of pace.

3. Spend quality time with friends and family

Holidaying together at a caravan holiday park gives your family and friends the rare chance to have some true quality time together. Whether you prefer to play games, cook together, explore the region, or simply enjoy a drink and a chat – you’ll get to do it without the usual distractions. No other holiday provides as good an opportunity to focus on the people you care about most, and this leads to some wonderful memories.

4. Digital Detox!

This is your best chance to get everyone to turn off the smartphones, computers, and other electronics. Make a rule to keep the electronic games and gadgets at home, or at least, only allow them at certain times in the day. Encourage everyone to use the time away from the screens to get active outside or just sit back and relax in a way we’ve almost forgotten how to.

5. Get back to basics

There’s so much beauty in the outdoors and we rarely get the chance to really appreciate it. When was the last time you laid about on the grass, took a long hike, swam in the ocean, or admired a pitch-black sky dotted with brightly shining stars? The kids will learn a lot more about our natural environment by experienching it firsthand, rather than being taught about it at school or watching it on TV.

6. Everyone gets the holiday of their dreams

That’s right – kids, parents, and grandparents alike! Caravan holiday parks are adventure wonderlands for kids with so much to do and so many new friends to play with. And guess what? That leaves mum and dad plenty of time to unwind and rest up, knowing the kids are as happy as they’ve ever been. As for the more experienced among us, you’ll never find a more social place to enjoy a five o’clock tipple!

7. Your best chance for a pet friendly holiday

Let’s not forget our little fur-kids either! Heaps of caravan holiday pars are per friendly these days, so you won’t have to leave your best friend behind with a pet sitter or in a kennel. Dogs are excellent holiday companions, and a caravan holiday park will suit them far better than most other accommodation types. Just plan ahead to be sure where you want to stay will love your pooch as much as you do.

8. You get plenty of bang for your buck

Caravan holiday parks offer a wide range of price points from a simple patch of grass to a fully self-contained luxury cabin. Being able to self-drive and self-cater leaves more money to spend on holiday fun too. Once you’ve settled into your campsite, you can spend as little or as much as you like on additional tourist activities or restaurant meals – it’s up to you!

9. It’s only as intense as you want it to be

You really don’t have to be Bear Grylls to go caravanning or camping – unless that’s what you like! An RV holiday means you can bring whatever you want from home: your own pillow, your hairdryer, your favourite sporting equipment and as much clothing and food as you want. Keep it basic or go the full glamp! You’ll be perfectly catered for either way (however, it’s important to remember the weight restrictions of your camper).

10. You’ll find a caravan park almost anywhere!

Caravan or camping holidays don’t always have to be by the beach or on a mountain. You’ll find caravan holiday parks in the middle of the outback as well as close to the city. Just decide what region you’d like to experience and there is bound to be a caravan holiday park nearby for your holiday fun. Try out the Caravanning Queensland Holiday Park finder to see for yourself!

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